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About Iron Dragoons & Iron Hussars

Welcome to the officially informally formal unofficial website of the Iron Cavalry Family. It is our best guess that you stumbled upon this website because you are A) interested in joining one of the Iron Cavalry Family clans, B) interested in mocking us, or C) you were wandering around on Reddit when you clicked a pop-up that was actually a black hole and you somehow ended up with this URL in your search bar. Whatever your reason may be, we welcome all prying eyes to take a peek at our awesome website.

Our History

Originally founded by AMRAAM120Rx a long time ago, the Iron Dragoons [IRD] try to maintain the fighting spirit of dragoons in WoT Blitz. We envision the tag [IRD] to be a beacon of hope for Green Team while at the same time being the Angel of Death for Red Team.

Due to the overcrowding in the Iron Dragoons work camp, IRC (Iron Cavalry) has created a second clan, Iron Hussars [IRH].

In additional efforts, we also take pride in claiming to be the most democratic clan on the forums (we strive to be as democratic as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

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