Constitution 2017


Iron Cavalry Constitution, 2017


We the players of World of Tanks Blitz and Members of the Iron Cavalry group of clans do hereby establish this Constitution to govern over the affairs of the most democratic clans in our beloved game. We are here to have fun, but duly recognize that the rule of law must be made to ensure that the right to fun must be protected for all Members. We therefore resolve to create this Constitution for the Iron Cavalry.

Article I: Definitions

Iron Cavalry: The name of the group of clans who have united in common purpose to follow this Constitution. It shall be referred to as IRC henceforth.

Iron Dragoons: The name of the main clan of IRC.

Iron Hussars: The name of the feeder clan of IRC.

Iron Naming Convention: The requirement to have all IRC clans be named “Iron X” X being the variable of an existing real-world cavalry regiment, preferably from the United Kingdom’s Royal Armed Forces.

Officers: Both the Commanders and Deputies of all IRC clans.

Discord: A text and voice communication program which IRC will officially use in lieu of the in-game clan chat.

Article II: Amendment Formula

The Constitution of the Iron Cavalry may only be amended when the following conditions are met in full.

  1. The Commanders must jointly propose any amendment to the Officers for a vote that may only pass if 75% of the Officers agree to the change.
  2. The Officers then present the amendment to the Membership of all IRC clans for a general vote which must extend for the duration of one (1) week.
  3. The Members may only pass the amendment if 75% of the Members who vote in time agree to the proposal.
  4. Dissenting voters must provide a reason for their refusal and an alternative to the proposed amendment. This is to prevent trolls from blocking legislation needed in the future.
  5. All communications regarding Constitutional amendments must take place in either Google Docs or the official communications server. The vote itself must happen in Discord due to technical limitations of the in-game clan chat.

Article III: Elections

The democracy of the IRC is at its finest when performing elections for the positions of Member, Deputy, and Commander. The following conditions must be met for any such election to pass.

Section 1: Vetting

  1. Applicants should meet the requirements established by each clan. Such requirements will be proposed by the Officers to the Members for a general vote lasting no longer than three (3) days with a 75% majority of those who vote to pass. The requirements of admission to any clan in IRC may be different as each clan has its own unique purpose. Examples of requirements are win-rate, average damage, number of battles, damage ratio, and tank tier.
  2. If a Member is considered to no longer meet any newly approved requirements to be in the clan, they will have the right to stay in the clan and are protected from being kicked by the Officers for this reason only.
  3. The Officers have the freedom to evaluate the performance of a player to see if they meet the requirements (e.g., comparing 30 day vs career stats).
  4. Any Member may choose to Sponsor another player to join IRC whether or not they meet the requirements to join. That player must still be voted in using the following conditions.

Section 2: Voting

  1. The election of a Member to join IRC must and may only take 24 hours (1 day) to complete. The player’s name will be proposed to the current Members for a general vote which can only be passed if 75% of those who vote in time agree to the request to join an IRC clan.
  2. The election of a Deputy to join the Officers must and may only take 72 hours (3 days) to complete. The Member’s name will be proposed to the current Members for a general vote which can only be passed if 75% of those who vote in time agree to the election of the Member to become a Deputy. Whoever stands for election to the position of Deputy must have the support of at least three (3) Officers of the respective clan. There must always be at least three (3) Deputies per IRC clan.
  3. The election of a Commander for an IRC clan must and may only take 168 hours (7 days) to complete. The nominee must be a Deputy in good standing with the clan. The outgoing Commander or three (3) Deputies must start this election and propose the Deputy’s name to the Members for a general vote which can only be passed if 75% of those who vote in time agree to the election of the Deputy to become a Commander.

Article IV: Officer Powers

The privilege of being an Officer in IRC is certainly not without great responsibility and authority. The following powers are available to all Officers of IRC.

  1. Starting new Membership request votes when any player seeks to join any IRC clan.
  2. Moderating the official IRC Discord servers with permissions given out by the Commanders.
  3. Proposing new and changing existing IRC legal documents up to and including the Constitution.
  4. Representing IRC on the World of Tanks Blitz Forums, most notably making and maintaining any and all recruitment threads.
  5. Enforcing the rules that IRC is governed by and enforcing any and all disciplinary measures that may be in force against any Member.
  6. Kicking inactive IRC Members to allow for other players to seek Membership in the IRC clans.
  7. Leading Events should there be sufficient Members available and the desire to do so.
  8. Leading Teams for official Tournaments sponsored by Wargaming and making sure to register in time to participate.
  9. Leading Teams for unofficial, community organized events and tournaments.
  10. Organizing Scrimmages with other clans when requested and as needed for the purpose of improving the skill of all players involved.
  11. Being an official representative of IRC to the World of Tanks Blitz community.

Article V: Clan Expansion

The opportunity and need may arise that IRC must create a new clan for reasons that will be justified by the Officers. The following conditions must be met before the new clan can exist and be governed by this Constitution.

  1. The Iron Naming Convention must be followed. Dragoons, Hussars, and Lancers are the current examples.
  2. The election procedures for Commander and Deputies must be followed.
  3. The new clan must have at least 20 Members who will need to be volunteers to transfer from existing IRC clans.
  4. The Officers must create statistical requirements for admission of players into the new clan as Members.
  5. A general vote of current IRC Members must take place, lasting no longer than one week and a 75% majority of those who vote in the allotted timeframe must be obtained for the clan to be created.

Article VI: Clan Dissolution

The time may come that instead of expanding into more clans, IRC must bolster itself and eliminate a clan for reasons to be justified by the Officers. Should this need arise, the following conditions must be met.

  1. The current Officers of the clan to be shut down must have their ranks granted in existing clans that they will transfer into.
  2. The current Commander must follow proper protocol to dissolve the clan in-game.
  3. The current Members of the clan must be allowed to transfer to existing clans, depending on statistical requirements.
  4. A general vote of the clan to be dissolved must take place for no longer than one week and a 75% majority of those Members who vote in the allotted timeframe is required for the clan to be shut down.

Article VII: Clan Applications

The time may come when IRC’s community reputation is high enough to warrant the attention of other clans in the game who desire to bring their whole clan into our democracy and be governed by this Constitution. The following requirements must be observed when this opportunity happens.

  1. The clan must change their name to match the Iron Naming Convention, at their expense.
  2. The Commander and Deputies of that clan must be willing to make Discord accounts (if not already made) and must commit to participate socially in the Discord community on a regular basis.
  3. The clan must have their own or be willing to make their own statistical requirements for Members to join the clan.
  4. A general vote spanning no longer than one week must take place to allow the clan admission to IRC. The current Members of IRC must vote with a 75% majority of those who vote in the allotted timeframe for the clan to be admitted to IRC.

Article VIII: Member Removal

The world of online gaming has its own challenges and therefore IRC must face the reality of Member Attrition. As such, the following conditions must be met to kick inactive Members from IRC clans.

  1. The Member must have been inactive for more than two months (60 days). If all Members have been active for the past two months, then no action can be taken.
  2. It may happen that multiple removals are possible at once. In this case, Members must be kicked in order of the most inactive to allow for people to come back to the game of their own accord.
  3. Members will be kicked on an as needed basis to make room for new applicants who have been successfully voted into the clan.
  4. Members who have been kicked due to inactivity may be allowed to return to the clan if both an Officer remembers the Member and the Member can provide a reasonable explanation for their inactivity. If the clan is at maximum capacity, the Member will be granted the right to claim the first vacated position available.

Article IX: Leave of Absence

It is understandable that not everyone can play online games with 24/7 availability, and so the provision to offer a system whereby a Leave of Absence can be granted is needed to protect loyal Members from wrongful dismissal. Therefore, the following conditions are in place for such a time.

  1. Any Member may submit their intention to go onto an LoA to any Officer at any time. This request is not guaranteed to be approved to prevent abuse of the LoA system.
  2. The LoA request must have a reasonable timeframe of when it starts and when the Member expects to return to the game.
  3. Under special circumstances as determined by the Officers, an LoA can be indefinite.

Article X: Discipline

The reality of online gaming also requires the need to discipline Members should they violate the rules made by Wargaming and the spirit of IRC. We strive to be recognized as one of the most formidable clans with players who are respectful, helpful, have fun, and generally make the game more enjoyable.

Section 1: Code of Conduct

  1. It is expected for a Member of IRC to be a good sport, but it is also understood that anger can arise as a result of poor play on the battlefield either by the Member or their teammates. It is expected that any comments are not degrading, derogatory, or malicious in spirit. Direct your frustration toward critiquing bad play and helping other players improve.
  2. Excessive profanity, posting Not Safe For Work content, repeatedly trolling or harassing other players or other clan’s servers, violating the EULA, OR using social or racial slurs are not tolerated and will result in an official warning.
  3. Actions in public battles should always be aimed towards achieving victory for your team, therefore actions such as: intentional blocking, repeated ramming of other players to ruin their shots, intentional drowning, cliff dives with the sole purpose of destroying one's own vehicle, camping in the back with the intention of denying your team a fighting teammate, and similar actions are prohibited. Exceptions are allowed for hilarious actions (cliff diving an enemy tank at the cost of your own), accidental destruction of one's own vehicle via drowning or falling, and simply being out of position in a game.

Section 2: Policy & Procedure

As such, the following procedures will be followed to ensure fair treatment.

  1. For any offense, the Member will be warned to stop their behaviour and that any future offenses will not be tolerated. Failure to read and abide by the Constitution in full is not a reason to avoid punishment.
  2. Accusations against a Member should be submitted with evidence (screen shots) or come from a trustworthy player.
  3. The Officers will collectively determine if an offense has occurred and decide the appropriate punishment. Flexibility will be granted to Officers to determine appropriate punishments where necessary.
  4. The Member has the right to Appeal their punishment to a Jury of their peers consisting of five (5) other Members of IRC who are not Officers and have volunteered to hear the case and arguments involved to ensure a fair hearing to prevent any kind of bias. A non-voting Officer, selected by the Officers, will coordinate the Jury. A simple majority decision of 60% or more is required. The decision of the Jury is binding and the Officers must respect and carry it out in full.
  5. Official warnings will be given and recorded by the Officers. A Member can be kicked from the clan, after receiving three official warnings from the Officers. Officers will vote before kicking Members; a simple majority of 50% plus one (1) vote being required to kick the Members involved.
  6. Officers are expected to set an example and uphold the Code of Conduct. Any Officer found in gross violation of the Code of Conduct (with proof) will be immediately demoted. This shall count as an official warning as outline above. The Officers have flexibility in deciding appropriate punishments for minor breaches in the Code of Conduct.

Article XI: Other Laws

The need to make other laws or to govern in accordance with Direct Democracy, rather than amending the Constitution may arise. Should this occur, the following provisions are available to make, in order of legal preference.

  1. Bills - can be made by any Member with the support of five (5) Members and requires one (1) week voting time in the clan with 75% of those who vote in time to be in favour of the bill.
  2. Acts - can be made by any Officer, with the support of three (3) Officers and requires one (1) week voting time in the clan with 75% of those who vote in time to be in favour of the act.
  3. Executive Orders - can be made by any Commander and is in effect immediately, but can be voted on upon the request of any Officer at any time and requires one (1) week voting time in Discord with 75% of those who vote in time to be in favour in order to amend or repeal it.

Iron Cavalry Constitution, 2017

Signed by,

1Joetom, Iron Cavalry Chancellor

Oxbridge, Iron Dragoons Commander

thallseeingi, Iron Hussars Commander

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